Growing a Fraternity

A year and a half ago Sigma Alpha Mu was founded at Washington State University. The national governing body of SAM approached four men at WSU and asked them if they would be interested in starting a chapter here. They accepted and since then those four men have help SAM grow into seventeen active members.

I joined Sigma Alpha Mu exactly one year ago. By joining such a young fraternity I instantly became a founding father, and some of the responsibility of making Sigma Alpha Mu a legitimate, chartered, and recognized fraternity has been placed on my shoulders. We have done so much in the last year to make Sigma Alpha Mu grow, but there is still a lot of work left to do.

I plan to document the struggles and triumphs that my brothers and I experience as founding fathers of a fraternity. I will take photos, videos, audio clips, and collect original material from the events we host, and the everyday work we put into making this fraternity the best we can.

For the video production unit of this course I plan to document one of our philanthropy events. This year we have several planned, but I would particularly like to document the walk to end Alzheimers that we will participate in. I think it will show how we differ from other, more established, fraternities in the way we try to help others.

In the unit where we must produce a logo I plan on creating something that best displays what exactly Sigma Alpha Mu is all about. Since we are the founders we have had the privilege to develop our own identity. I would love to have the opportunity to create a logo that tells people exactly what we are all about. -I plan on using this source to help guide me through the process of building a fraternity. Obviously we have been doing this for a while, but we still do not know everything about how to be successful. We need all the help we can get. -This page goes into detail on how to form a successful team. In order for us to grow and achieve our goals we have to work as a team. We have all butted heads before and I think using this source will help us diffuse those situations. -This source of inspiration is all about servant leadership. Servant leadership is something I learned about in high school and it has helped me grow as a leader. Since we are all founding fathers we are all leaders. Servant leadership is, in my opinion, the way to be most successful as a leader. 




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