Graphic Design Project Draft

Obviously this is a very rough draft of my Graphic Design Project. I was inspired to go along with the three dollar bill concept by one of my brothers. The idea behind the three dollar bill is to express Sigma Alpha Mu’s three ideals, true manhood, democracy and humanity. I have not yet decided how to include this into my project and that is why it is currently missing.

I ran into a couple of issues while approaching this project, and I ultimately decided to just completely re-think my project, which led me to what I came up with. The biggest challenge to me was remembering what actions to do to get photo shop to do what I want. There was a lot of trial and error involved in the process of making this project.

I used the eraser tool and color blending tools the most in making this project. I mostly layered the images in such a way that I could erase part of the top image to reveal the image beneath it. I also changed the colors of some of the images to match the colors of the bill.

In an attempt to match my theme I plan to add something to make this more of a “recruitment poster” since I am documenting the growth of Sigma Alpha Mu. I plan on experimenting over the next week with different ideas to hopefully come up with something that truly expresses what I am trying to convey throughout this semester in my projects.

Here is the draft of my Graphic Design project:



5 thoughts on “Graphic Design Project Draft

  1. One suggestion I have for incorporating your three ideals would be to black out your boarders on the bill and then on top of that edit add text to add the words “true manhood, democracy, and humanity” as some sort of banner to the bill. You also could add those words by editing them over the “this is not legal tender…”. Another suggestion I would have is to add some color to this photo. I would suggest adding colors of your fraternity as just another subtle way of representing the fraternity as well as a way to inform people about something in your fraternity. I would do this by keeping the elements of the bill itself traditional colors but making your crest in color, or your image in color or your block letters. I feel like doing so will also help to make the image pop more. I really enjoy the concept of this image. I think the three dollar bill is a very unique thing will definitely catch people’s eyes if it is used as a promotional poster for recruitment. I also like how many different aspects of your fraternity you were able to incorporate in such a small image, while also keeping the image balanced and symmetrical. I think this is an awesome start and your idea is super cool and unique!


  2. Andrew,
    Don’t worry about your idea coming to you and your difficulties with Photoshop, majority of us are first timers. I think it’s interesting how you implemented the three major ideas of your frat resembling the three dollar bill.
    A couple ideas for you; at the very top maybe you could say your three ideas of manhood, democracy, and humanity where it says “Don’t try to pass me in”. Make this dollar bill personalized to you and what you are about. Yes, you’re in the frat, but what is it about you that brings something different to the table. Identify yourself through this dollar– think, if you handed this dollar bill to complete strangers, what would they get out of it? What kind of impression would you make?
    I really do like how you placed your symbols, however. I’m not certain what the image is on the left hand side but I’m assuming it the logo of your frat?
    Keep working on it! Make it personal to you!


  3. Andrew,

    At first glance, I was a little confused about what this image was trying to convey. When I went through and read your explanation it made much more sense. I really love the idea of turning it into a recruitment poster, I feel that would be really unique and different. I think the images put together are pleasing to the eye, and it just works together. I feel that the image itself is very strong but I feel that it lacks a story. Trying to put more emotion into this image would help convey the story that you’re trying to tell. Another thing that I would suggest would be to try and add something more about you fraternity, instead of some of the legal jargon you can try and include something about your fraternity that means something to you and the membership that you hold. Good luck with the rest of your project!


  4. After seeing the projects of my peers, and hearing what they think of my project I think I have a much better idea of the direction I want to take.

    Firstly, I am going to take out almost all of the existing text on the bill and replace it with information about Sigma Alpha Mu, including our ideals and what makes us unique. I really liked the suggestion from Maddy to put “True manhood, democracy, and humanity” where it currently says “Don’t try to pass me in”. I also really liked the idea from Carrie Jo to put some more relevant information where it currently says “This is not legal tender”.

    I also would like to incorporate something that displays how my perspective on Sigma Alpha Mu is different than others. Since I am a founding father I think I need to do something to display unique experience I have, rather than just making it look like I am your average “frat boy.”


  5. I think your idea is solid, it seems meaningful to you and its for sure a rough draft. The picture in the middle of the bill needs to be more visible and stand out more for sure. Maybe make the pictures you used, the smaller add on to the 3 dollar bill stand out more in like a colorful aspect. I think you could also SAM in greek letters more visible you can cover up the THREE behind that picture because the three around the bills are good enough to get the idea about your photo. You could even trace the around the outline of the 3’s on the corners and just the middle frame so your other pictures look more real to the bill instead of just copy and placing the embedded on top of the bill.


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