Graphic Design Project Final


Here is the final draft of my Graphic Design Project. There were many things I decided to change. For the most part my partners told me that I should do a better job of including Sigma Alpha Mu’s ideals and making the picture more personalized. Firstly, I erased everything that was inside of the border of the three dollar bill. Doing this gave me a lot more space to make it more personalized, and helped me to better display my topic.

I was inspired by one of my brothers to use a three dollar bill, and the reason behind me choosing a three dollar bill is because the men of Sigma Alpha Mu have three ideals that we live by: true manhood, democracy and humanity. I knew that the ideals had to be the focus of the piece because they are what we strive for in our lives. I included them above our crest to display that they are the most important part of being in Sigma Alpha Mu.

The photo in the middle is one that I took my self on bid day this year. I made it the central piece because it has our flag in it and most of the guys. It was hard to decide whether to include all of the guys or focus on the flag, but I decided to focus on the flag to act as another identifying logo. After all, the main intention of this is to educate people on what Sigma Alpha Mu is.

On the right side of the dollar I decided to include our letters, our address, and our founding year. This way if anyone ever needs any more information about us they know right where to find us. The house we are in is near to our hearts as it is a house that was acquired by us, not by generations before us since we are the founding fathers.

Other changes I made include matching all of the colors so that it looks like the same dollar rather than two dollars joined together, and erasing the solid background that was behind the Greek letters. These changes were made just to make the project look cleaner and more complete.

Three Dollar Bill Image: Sent to me from Gavin Pielow with permission to use.

Sigma Alpha Mu Crest:

Sigma Alpha Mu Letters:



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