Logo Project Draft


I would like to start off by saying that I have enjoyed using Illustrator much more than Photoshop. I think Illustrator allows more creative control over a piece because the entire project can be made without any outside sources.

When I visualized what I wanted my logo to be I envisioned something simple yet meaningful. I wanted to be able to display the letters of Sigma Alpha Mu along with its colors, purple and white. I started to think about how I could display this in an eye catching and tasteful way. Then it hit me. The national governing body of Sigma Alpha Mu is called The Octagon. I decided to create a border for the logo in the shape of the octagon to give a subtle ‘tip of the hat’ to our governing body. To do this I used the polygon creator tool, typed in 8 sides, and then scaled the octagon to the size I wanted. I used the same process to create a slightly larger octagon. I then moved the second octagon to the back and changed its fill color to purple in order to create the purple border around the octagon.

To create the letters inside of the octagon I first attempted to copy and paste them from Microsoft word. For some reason this did not work so I had to get a bit creative. I used the line tool to create line segments and then arrange them into the letters. I think that this almost worked out better than using a font because I was able to put spaces between the anchor points to create a simplistic, barebones looking design. I do admit that I would be able to make it look even better if I had an actual mouse to use, and I plan on getting one in order to help me complete the final project.


4 thoughts on “Logo Project Draft

  1. I like how you created the greek letters on your logo. It definitely goes along with your topic and the octagon shape represents it as well. The fact that you kept your design simple, but very relevant and meaningful to your topic makes it a powerful logo in my opinion. If I would have to critique your logo, a suggestion I have is to make your greek letters thicker. I think it would look better overall and be easier to read if you were to scale your logo to a smaller size on a t-shirt pocket for instance. Another minor critique I have is that the “M” in your design looks slightly smaller than the rest of your letters. It’s not such a big deal, but it is noticeable when I view your logo. I think the letters on your logo would be a bit more balanced if you just made the “M” slightly larger. Just don’t forget to reposition all your letters once you’ve scaled it, so that it will be evenly proportioned again.


  2. I really like the draft of your logo project. I think what is most original in your project is the octagon design for the logo. That is what first caught my attention for the design. The second part of your logo that I thought was very original is how you used the line tool to create the letters of Sigma Alpha Mu. I think that the logo shows class through using the line tool as opposed to a font. One suggestion to add to the letters of Sigma Alpha Mu would be to make the lines a certain color. You could make them match the purple of the outer border to complement each other.
    One additional way in which you could improve the overall look of your logo would be to add a gradient to the white inside part of your logo. I feel like there is a lot of white space and adding color to that section would enhance the image. You could possibly use another color of Sigma Alpha Mu for this. Overall, I really like the design!


  3. I enjoy how simple and easy to understand your logo is. By looking at this logo right away you notice that this is something for a fraternity based on the greek letters in the middle. I like how you decided to keep it different from a normal fraternity logo and bring some simple shapes into it. However if someone not in the greek system saw this they might not understand what it means. One suggestion I have is to add something else to your logo that makes the viewer understand what your topic is about, more so than just the fraternity name. If you are doing your philanthropy then maybe add a little background or another logo portion that describes that. Another suggestion I have is to make the greek letters more bold and noticeable. I like the simplicity, but that is the main part of your logo so I would just make the letters more eye catching. Overall your logo is really awesome!


  4. After reviewing the comments left by my peers I have a better understanding of where I want to go with this project.
    I think I will start by thickening up the lines of the letters in order to make them more noticeable. I also want to play around with changing the colors of the lines in order to make them more relevant to my topic.
    Another thing I want to do is maybe add a background color within the octagon so that there isn’t so much empty white space in the image. Maybe adding a gradient to it would also help the image to look more appealing to the audience.
    I do think that the basic idea I have for this logo is strong. I want to be able to maintain a subtle vibe, but also make sure that it isn’t too vague.


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