Logo Project Final Draft


I am very happy with the way that my final project turned out. The advice from my peers was super helpful, and I honestly had a great time constructing this logo in Illustrator.

The original concept of my piece was to have the Greek letters surrounded by the octagon. As I mentioned in my rough draft reflection, The Octagon is the national governing body of Sigma Alpha Mu. I wanted the octagon to be a big part of this logo in order to display the respect we have for our governing body. I also included purple because the colors for Sigma Alpha Mu are purple and white. I got rid of the white background, as my peers advised me to, because there was too much empty space. I also noticed that it would almost hurt my eyes to look at the rough draft because of how much bright white space there was. I started by making the white background black, then I added a gradient with charcoal grey and black in order to add some depth.

Since I used line segments to make the Greek letters they became invisible with the black background. I changed each one of them to purple and I think that really helped to bring the piece together. Having the color of the letters matching the border color makes the logo much easier to look at. It is a much more satisfying piece overall because of that change. I also increased the size of the lines to ten points rather than the three points that they were originally set at. This change allowed the letters to be much more noticeable. I had to go back through and tweak their positions slightly in order to maintain the simple, non touching, lines that I wanted the letters to be made of. I also had to change the length of a few lines in order to make the letters centered on the logo.

As I said earlier, I am very happy with the way that this logo came out. I felt much less overwhelmed using Illustrator than I did with Photoshop.


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