Draft of Project 3

This is a super rough draft of Project Three. The entire idea behind this project is to have three or four interviews with guys from Sigma Alpha Mu at Washington State University on the track. I also want to put music in the background. I haven’t been able to record all of the interviews that I need because the most of the guys I selected are not available to be interviewed until next week.

Deciding what way to tell my story through audio was at first a challenging process. I knew that the best way to display the diversity and uniqueness of Sigma Alpha Mu at Washington State University was to talk to the men directly and record their thoughts. The challenging part was coming up with questions to ask them and how to properly display their answers on a track. It was also hard to decide what guys I want to interview and who I felt would tell a story the best.

I first sat down and thought about the things I would like guys to talk about so I could display to my audience unique aspects of being in Sigma Alpha Mu at WSU. After deciding what questions to ask I then decided who I wanted to interview. Unfortunately I could only complete one interview because, as I mentioned earlier, the guys I needed are not available until next week.

Once this project is complete I would like to edit the tracks in a way that displays unity between the guys talking. I would also like to insert music that I can acquire the rights to that has some type of meaning, or at least adds to the mood I am trying to create. Any suggestions would be appreciated as this project is far from finished.


5 thoughts on “Draft of Project 3

  1. I really like your idea, I’m also in Greek life so I really understand what you are striving for. I think it would be cool if you interviewed some of your brothers and asked them why they love being in your fraternity and add that to your audio. That will give you the length that you need which is only 30 more seconds of content! Music would also be good just for the beginning and the ending you could make it fade in and out and it would sound great! (I think you already mentioned that in your distribution) Great start your almost there keep it up.


  2. I like your idea of explaining the reasons for choosing your specific fraternity. I’m not a part of Greek life nor am I very familiar so I like you overall topic choice at explaining your frat. From the guys answers I could tell the questions you must have asked him. I really liked them. I think they sum up your theme very well and are well thought out. By adding more guys answers to those questions, like you said you are, it will definitely add to the project. My first main suggestion would be adding your voice into the interview. I’m guessing that voice was the first guy you interviewed but I wasn’t too sure. So I would definitely suggest you add yourself asking the three questions in different audio clips first then adding the guys responses. Separate each question from each answer. Like you said as well, my second suggestion would be to add background music audio as it would add to the overall effect. Overall I think your project is headed in the right direction.


  3. After looking over what my group members recommended for my project, and viewing the work they did themselves, I have a much better idea of what I need to add to my project. Firstly, I need to get all of the interviews added to my project so I at least meet the minimum time requirement. I also need to add background music in order to add some sort of a tone to the project. Right now it sounds dim and boring. I know that music would definitely help solve that issue. I also liked the suggestion to add my own voice to the recording so that the audience has an idea what questions I asked the guys that I interviewed.
    I think that if I add all of the things I mentioned, and I am able to edit out background noise, pauses, and other mistakes, my project will be much closer to “turn in” quality.


  4. Like you said this is a really rough draft! You definitely need to add much more information and possibly some background music! I do think your idea is good but you need to figure out what direction you want to go in for your final!


  5. I really like your project so far swoop, let me know if you need me to be in your interview to get it done. I think one thing you did really well was structuring your interviews to be reasons why our brothers joined sigma alpha mu. I think that it was a really good concept that you could expand into if need be. I think that one thing you could do better is adding an introduction to your section. I think that by doing this you will add value to the overall project by framing the content you’re exploring. One other thing that you could do better is to add a music track to the background of your interview. I think that adding this will increase the interviews overall appeal to the audience by breaking any monotonous silence.


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