Raw Footage and Storyboard


Visual Elements Audio Elements
Scene 1: 0:00-0:15 Shot of WSU letters, shot of Butch outside of Martin Stadium, Shot of logo printed outside of the bookie. Final shot should be related to greek life. Background music (tbd) with narration over the top giving an introduction to WSU and greek life.
Scene 2: 0:15-0:30 Shot of flag or letters. Shots around Stevenson towers (Where Sigma Alpha Mu was founded) Narrator gives description of the birth of Sigma Alpha Mu at WSU
Scene 3: 0:30-0:45 Pictures of founding moments. Shots of CUE (where first chapter meetings were held) Include pictures of the original members. Narrator talks about the humble beginnings of Sigma Alpha Mu
Scene 3a: 0:45- 0:52 One shot of the Mall. One shot of the outside of the CUB. Narrator talks about how recruitment was conducted.
Scene 4: 0:52-1:12 Interviewee 1 being interviewed in front of the greek letters in house.   Interviewee talks about what it was like to begin building a fraternity from the ground up and how it grew.  
Scene 5: 1:12-1:27 Shot of DRA real estate. Shots from around the outside and inside of the house.   Narrator gives description of the acquisition of the house and talks about the importance.
Scene 6: 1:27-1:42 Interviewee 2 being interviewed in front of greek letters in house. Interviewee talks about how the house was able to give Sigma Alpha Mu a better shot at being recognized in the greek community.
Scene 7: 1:42-1:52 Shots of other greek houses within the community. Back to Sammie house. Narrator talks about other houses in the greek community. How they are nicer and well established.
Scene 8: 1:52-1:59 Shots of guys hanging out around house and other places. Narrator describes how Sigma Alpha Mu has different goals in mind. The chief goal being forming a strong brotherhood and helping each other to reach their full potential.  
Scene 9: 1:59-2:14 Shots of brothers doing various things. (Studying, hanging out, retreat) Narrator talks about the values that are instilled in the members.
Scene 9a: 2:14-2:22 More shots of brothers doing various things together.   Narrator describes the significance of these values.
Scene 10: 2:22- 2:27 Shot of interviewee 3 in front of greek letters in house. Interviewee talks about what makes us unique (goals, brotherhood, why he joined)
Scene 11: 2:27-2:42 Various shots from around campus. Narrator recaps on what was said earlier about greek community and WSU.
Scene 12: 2:42-2:54 Various shots from retreat and other leftover footage. Narrator gives closing remarks talking about what sets Sigma Alpha Mu Apart
Scene 13: 2:54-3:00 Credits Credits

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