Premiere Video Story Rough Draft

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In my mind I wanted to create a video that was both entertaining and educational. A lot of people know nothing about the history of any of the fraternities at Washington State University. I wanted my project to give a brief history of our chapter, and also talk about what makes it unique.

Before I go on, it is important to mention that this project isn’t complete. Think of this as a preview to what the final will be. There is still footage that I need to gather this weekend before I am able to finish the project.

The first thing I did in planning was creating a story board, and a script to go with it. I knew that this project was going to be narrated for the entire time. Writing the script before gathering the footage gave me a better idea of what I needed footage of.  I recorded the narration with the microphone on my cell phone. It isn’t the best quality, but my options were limited. After recording, and deciding what footage I needed, I set out to begin filming. I probably spent an hour gathering footage from areas around campus and Pullman.

The most tedious and frustrating part of this project (so far) has been editing everything together. I had a hard time deciding on what background music to use, and I also had some difficulty deciding if I should edit the footage so it is in sync with the narration, or with the background music. I decided to go with a hybrid of both. At times it is more appropriate to sync the footage with the narration, but at other times it isn’t very important. The background music I chose sets a very serious tone, which is what I was after.

In all, this project has been enjoyable, but it has taken way more time and effort to produce than any of the previous projects. I now have a much better understanding of what it takes to make an entire a short video by myself.


5 thoughts on “Premiere Video Story Rough Draft

  1. Hi Andrew, I really liked your video.
    The video started with some picture about WSU then it moved to the main idea which was about the fraternities.
    As you said A lot of people know nothing about the history of any of the fraternities and I’m one of them. I’m an international student, and the fraternities are one of the new things I learned about here in the USA.
    I think the fraternities is about making magnificent friends almost become brothers . The most amazing thing is to become a part of the fraternity.
    About the video I think is very simple the ideas are clear.
    You can add some old picture for the fraternities and add color effect on them.
    I approved the background music.
    In short, your video is proved the point
    Hamed Alzadjali


  2. As a fellow member of the Greek community, your video really resonated with me. I like the idea behind creating your video – To help get your brand new fraternity’s name out there and educate others on the Greek community and your organization. You had great content, great shots/clips, and I can tell you put a lot of effort into this project. The background music was a nice addition also. The only things I can think to suggest are to make your video a bit longer since it is just under one minute long and maybe you could even ask a friend to say something he loves about the fraternity to change things up a bit from the narration the whole time. All in all, this is a great video and I’m sure you will only continue to improve it, since you already have ideas of what other footage you need to collect and what else you’d like to fix. Great job!


  3. Hey swoop, I love your project so far, it’s turning out really well! I think that one thing you do really well is to include as many shots as possible into your clip. By doing this and not making the clips too long or too short you keep your content very interesting, which increases the overall quality of your video. Another thing I think you did really well was how you frame the content that you’re trying to describe. By using shots of the things that you are talking about, whether its video of the university or in the frat, you manage to have your video tell a story without your voice even in it. I think that’s a really cool aspect of what you’ve created because it really is a story told through pictures. Honestly it’s hard to pick something that I think you need to work on because the video feels pretty well polished, however if I were being nitpicky I would add one or two lines about what the fraternity has meant to you or maybe our ideals as a fraternity for extra length on your clip as well as providing more of an idea about why our brothers might have chosen sigma alpha mu.


  4. After reviewing what my group members said I have a better idea of what I need to add to my project. At this point my project doesn’t meet the minimum length requirement. I plan on adding at least one more section of recorded audio and clips to give a more thorough back ground on Sigma Alpha Mu. I also am going to try to add better transitions to my clips. I think that acquiring historic photos or footage to include to the history part of my project would also help with creating a more complete and informative project.
    I have a lot of saved up footage and audio, but if I used it all it would go over the maximum time requirement for this project. Selecting what I want to include will probably be one of the most difficult tasks in making my final project. I also will probably need to get better shots in order to match up with the audio.


  5. Hey Andrew,
    First off great job by far best video I’ve seen yet, the video you have in your project is really good almost as if you were a video guy for WSU. You provided a lot of information just in the audio you gave to the point you really didn’t have to even read your description paragraph at the end of the video. Maybe at one more video part for the end of the project so you can have a full minute of video work, but you almost don’t need it because how great it is already. Also gave great little back story of your fraternity house and you seem very knowledgable about the little things of your house then just the plain old frat house party life. Keep up the good work and maybe just add some more video just to fill up the one minute criteria you need for this project.


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