Final Video Story

Music from Video found here:

The idea behind my video was to provide information about my fraternity in a way that is engaging. I went into this project with the intention of creating a video that would earn me a good grade, and would also be able to provide the fraternity with content that could be used as a form of historical documentation.

My first order of business was to put together a storyboard. I listed out all of the ideas for narration and shot choices, along with the time frames of each scene. In the end I didn’t follow my storyboard very strictly, but it was crucial in the brainstorming process.

After my storyboard was complete I wrote the narration for each individual scene and then recorded them using my cell phone. Having the narration made it a lot easier to decide what shots I needed to gather. I spent about two weeks gathering shots from various places around Pullman, and from events that we held as a fraternity.

With the shots gathered and the narration recorded I slowly began editing my video together. I found free to use background music on the internet, and chose a song that created a somber atmosphere. I wanted people to understand the daunting and horrifying feelings that come with starting a brand new fraternity. The music in this video is possibly the most important part. I edited the footage to line up with both the music and the narration. It was pretty easy to do this by using the razor tool.

I think that the coolest thing about this video is that it was made with my cell phone and computer only. I didn’t use any fancy camera or recording devices. I do have a real video camera, but the camera on my phone is better. While I could have produced a higher quality video with better equipment, I think that it is pretty awesome that the things we carry in our pockets everyday have the ability to produce content like this.


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